Shore View

You will not forget where the dunes broke
And, just beyond, where the slivers of grass abounded
And lived and grew and dared
To foil the plans of the dunes
You will not forget the expanse of the sea
Nearby; and how it
Gently rose and fell, in the day
And hoisted itself into the sky, in the evening
You will not forget how the small feet
Ran along; pitter-pattering with glee–
Learning what freedom felt like
And what nostalgia the smell of salt would bring
And what peace
And you will not forget the way the sail boats
In the distance beckoned to you
The way their waving flags meant
Both “Hello” and “Come away with me”
Certainly, you will not forget
The long stroll or the sting
Of young, fading romance as it trailed off in its own direction
Past the dunes, Past the grass
And the sea, and the little feet
Long after the sun had set
You will not forget