There is Not Much I Can Do

There is not much I can do
When raindrops pound upon your soul
Littering your thoughts with despair
I will simply extend all I can to you
A shoulder for leaning
Hands for holding
Lips: succulent, protruding
To distract
Then, there are hips
Thighs like venus fly traps
For swallowing your fear

Wallowing in your fear
Has got to stop
Cause I’ve done all I can do
To quiet the voice inside
That tells you you’re not good enough
We’ve all had it rough
So let’s just love one another
Let’s set self-pity aside
And realize

All of the human race must face and endure struggle
If we be alive
Let us learn to be content
Like Paul
Let emotions pass through us
Or better yet, let’s learn to wield power
Co-create our existence with God
Let us press toward our dreams
By any means necessary
Because Malcolm and the likes
Did not have a defeated man in mind
When they fought for human rights
And besides
There is not much I can do
To uplift you…and still be uplifted too


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