Tree of Contentment

I starve for inspiration and seek it
In the fast dwindling light
I cling to the sturdy branch
So now I wander
Aimlessly along
But not on my path
I’m stranded
on the course branch of contentment
I bid it break, but it does not
It’s deeply rooted
I can imagine peering from behind the foliage
Shimmers of streaming light flickering upon my face
I look down
And all I see is the ground
Trembling now
I wonder if I jump from my
Comfy perch
Will I learn to fly?
Can you teach me what to do with all I’ve been given?
A few morsels of wisdom
Can you explain how I go about becoming me
In a world bent on making me look the same
As everyone else
I am stranded in a tree
And its seed is the lostness and fear that consumes me
This is where it gains strength
But I should just close my eyes and leap
Into the unknown which just may swallow me whole
But I’ve been told
Majestic journeys await
Those who let go


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