Ballad of a Chameleon

What you need to know about me is I’m a chameleon.  Life has taught me to mesh with all kinds of people.  I am the consummate people person.  Some look at it as a flaw because I can switch up; relate and adapt to any group of people.  Some don’t trust it because they can’t understand it; can’t understand me.  But there’s no deception in me.  I am unapologetically Frank.  Never mind that it’s a man’s name!

I possess an innate empathy for the human condition and a basic desire to change the hearts and minds of every person I encounter.  At times I’m misguided, even overzealous in my attempts to stir souls and minds, but never ill-willed.  I am a complex free-spirit connected to God and his people on the deepest of levels, yet religion can’t contain me.  I can see into a person’s spirit with one glance.  I’d be the one to decipher whether someone is morally bankrupt or just plain lost; a victim of circumstance or an opportunistic master of manipulation.

It’s only appropriate that my mother named me Frank because I make observations and tell it like it is-at all costs.  I’d rather be right than passive, I’d rather be different than brainwashed, and I’d rather be me, than you.

Did I tell you I’m a poet?  Mama always said I should find a more positive way to help people understand who I am, so I started writing it down.  Listen.

I’m just plain ole Frank

Got another story to tell

Just plain ole Frank

The one they don’t know so well

Don’t tell me who I should be

Or that I’m going to hell

I’m just plain ole Frank

When I look up I see God

Same as you

‘Cept it’s just from my plain ol’ Frank point of view.


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