Tree of Contentment

I starve for inspiration and seek it
In the fast dwindling light
I cling to the sturdy branch
So now I wander
Aimlessly along
But not on my path
I’m stranded
on the course branch of contentment
I bid it break, but it does not
It’s deeply rooted
I can imagine peering from behind the foliage
Shimmers of streaming light flickering upon my face
I look down
And all I see is the ground
Trembling now
I wonder if I jump from my
Comfy perch
Will I learn to fly?
Can you teach me what to do with all I’ve been given?
A few morsels of wisdom
Can you explain how I go about becoming me
In a world bent on making me look the same
As everyone else
I am stranded in a tree
And its seed is the lostness and fear that consumes me
This is where it gains strength
But I should just close my eyes and leap
Into the unknown which just may swallow me whole
But I’ve been told
Majestic journeys await
Those who let go


16 Questions

What do you do
I wonder
Do you pace
Or sit stupefied
Do you hunt—
Gathering new firewood for the winter
For new flames
If so, are you vigilant
Ensuring embers burn evenly
Do you use a long stick to do this
So that you are not burned
Are you standing tall
Or do you slink more
Are you relaxed in new winter’s burning
Or restless as you were
Do dogwoods tower in your dreams
Casting shadows that imbalance your solar plexus
Or does the screeching shriek of happy
Reverberate in the still-cold spot
I used to warm—
Brown rice in a good pot
For you
Now I eat salads
In black bowls
Am healthy, lean, lithe
Since I am no longer stuffed with solitary love
And disappointment
Or force-fed vitamin excuses
and cough syrup lies
Were we easy to snap
Like twigs
Or were we more like trunks than branches
I suppose whichever it were does not matter
For we did not survive
The mighty wind that bent us back ‘til broken
(I wonder if anyone saw us bending)
Did you feel it’s sway—
Does it now blow your thoughts back this way?